Tony and I want to thank you for all your hard work in making our dream home come true. We will highly recommend you to everyone that is preparing to design and build a new home.

Tony and I loved designing our new home the way we wanted it, and you supported every idea by giving us your expert advice with every detail of the home. We were impressed on how you always made sure that Tony and I both received all emails from you and didn’t just communicate with one of us. You included use in every aspect and we truly appreciated that. You were always honest with the cost, and you never fell short on any promises, and this was also greatly appreciated. Tony and I also thank you for always being on top of it, you never kept us waiting, and your enthusiasm made us always know that we made the right choice in a home designer. We will always refer to our home plans as a “blessing”, and we feel blessed working with you.


Tony and Penny White / The Ledges of St. George

Dear Jeff,

Cindy and I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you once again how much we LOVE our home that you designed for us.  From the beginning, we felt that you were totally connected to our ideas and plans.   You were always available on the phone and whenever we had any changes in the initial planning, it was like you were right inside our heads seeing the same vision that we were thinking.  Our home turned out better than expected, perfect in every way.   I don’t think there are too many home designers out there who’s plans require no change orders once construction begins, but you are one the elite few. Building our own home has been a challenge in so many ways, but not in the case of choosing you as our home designer.  Thank you for giving us that wonderful peace of mind knowing that, in the end, we would be living in our dream home.

Most sincerely,

Gary & Cindy Snavely

We had a wonderful experience with Jeff Andrews during the planning and  design of our new custom home in Washington, Utah.  The process from both a personal and professional viewpoint certainly exceeded our expectations from beginning to end. We would like to highlight some key aspects:

• The entire process was very clearly laid out by Jeff from the beginning. This helped to set expectations for timelines, draft ideas and deliverables. Each and every time Jeff delivered more than was promised.

• It was amazing to us how Jeff took one simply 1 hour discussion in the beginning, and turned it into a wonderful first design that we both liked very much. From there, our personal tweaks were made until we ended up with what we    believe will be our family home for many years to come.
• Another key point was Jeff’s timely follow up. As the process moved forward we knew what to expect and when.
• Lastly, we believe we have collaborated with Jeff to create the home of our dreams on paper at this point. We are excited to move to the next phase of building.
Thanks again, Jeff was able to take the thoughts we gave him, design a great home and manage to do it stress free. It’s been a great experience and we would give the highest recommendation to Andrews Home Design Group.

Rich and Wendy Winget

Rich Winget

Vice President, State Affairs

U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform

1615 H Street NW | Washington, DC | 20062
202.463.5314 office | 202.360.2132 cell | 202.887.3414 fax


We were enthusiastically referred to Jeff Andrews by our builder. We needed an experienced and professional home designer to guide us through the intimidating process of building a home. Jeff patiently walked us through each step of our project, giving relevant input and sound design advice, yet always considering our personal preferences as we worked out a plan for our new home. Communicating via technology was convenient and efficient and never proved problematic even though we were working long distance with Jeff in Los Angeles. The home will be built in St. George, UT and we where currently in Salt Lake City. Correspondence and calls after normal office hours, including weekends, gave us a much needed flexibility due to our own commitments during the day. We found Jeff exemplified every quality we deemed important in a home designer – from his skill and attention to detail to his strong work ethic. His emphasis on keeping self-made deadlines kept the process moving forward in a timely manner. Andrews Home Design Group has more than exceeded our every expectation in designing our new home.

Bob & Kim Schovaers

In 2008, we worked with Jeff Andrews on a new home design to be built in New Harmony, Utah. We had attempted to work with two previous designers and Jeff was a standout choice for several reasons.

*He was very responsive to us, always called or emailed immediately with answers to our questions

*He immediately grasped and understood our needs and desires for the home, eliminating a lot of wasted time and money.

*He honored our wishes, yet contributed new and better ideas where he thought they applied

*We lived in Reno, NV and Jeff was in Los Angeles and home to be built in New Harmony, Utah. We had absolutely no issues working on this project long distance and using electronic communications.

*It was a difficult building site, yet Jeff was creative in his design and placement of the home.

We would highly recommend Jeff for his creative abilities, problem solving skills, and prompt services. We immediately loved his first concept design and modified it very little. If we were to build another home, we would use Jeff again no question.


Tim & Kristy Northon

Having been a builder myself many years ago, I had experience in what I was looking for when it came to choosing a builder to build our final dream home in St. George. The team of Jeff Andrews for home design, C Blake Homes as builder and interior design by Brenda Blake exceeded our high expectations. Cary Blake and team pride themselves in outstanding quality and competitive pricing. In addition to the Blake’s team of employees, we have developed a respect and friendship with the outstanding subcontractors that have taken such pride in their various trades. As appreciation for a job well done, I asked the Blake’s if I could offer this letter of endorsement. Please feel free to contact me for detail questions regarding C Blake Builder and Andrews Home Design Group.

Contact  me, Don Watkins at don@handstands.com  Proud owner of the 2009 parade of homes design.

Jeff Andrews has done a wonderful job designing our home. This is especially noteworthy given that all of our interactions with Jeff have happened via technology– through email, telephone, fax, etc. Admittedly, my wife and I were concerned in the beginning about working with a designer long distance. Yet, the result has exceeded our expectations. The experience has been convenient and timely. Jeff meets deadlines without expectation. I recommend him without hesitation.”

Brin Gibson

“When my wife and I bought a lot in St. George and decided to build a home there we were introduced to Jeff to help design it for us. Being the first house we have attempted to build we didn’t know what to expect, what we got was a brilliant design by a young home designer who listened and built upon our suggestions! We couldn’t be happier with what we got and the relationship we have with Jeff and his team.”

Susan and Gary Martin

Nothridge, California

“Working with Jeff was great. We gave him our ideas and desires for a custom home and he turned it into a place we never want to leave. Every step of the design process was a pleasure and we continue to refer his talent, skill, and experience to everyone that visits our home.”

Kurt & Jill McClung

Andrews Home Design Group has been associated with C.Blake Homes for many years and our evaluation of Jeff’s work, ethics, professionalism, conduct, and high standards for exceptional quality have been superb. We are pleased to have such a valuable team member working alongside with C.Blake Homes

Cary & Brenda Blake “C. Blake Homes”

“As an engineering firm, we really enjoy working with Jeff Andrews. He is a very talented and creative designer. His plans reflect an attention to detail and an understanding of structural integrity. He is accurate and thorough, which makes our job less complicated. It is our experience that Jeff cares deeply about his work and his clients. He is able to design simple, practical homes. Yet when a client seeks to incorporate spectacular features or imaginative designs, he produces plans that stretch us and allow us to use creativity and specialized knowledge in making a structurally sound home. He makes himself accessible to design changes or when slight structural modifications need to made. We look forward to seeing his homes come through our office.”

Thomas Weaver

Weaver Engineering, LLC
St. George, UT

“Working from a distance, I was concerned about the lot being at one end of Utah, we reside a few hundred miles away and Jeff designing our home from another state. This process has gone so smoothly so far, it’s hard to believe that we were not all sitting around a table discussing ideas. We described to Jeff what we were looking for and he turned those ideas into reality and used his creativity to design a functional home that blends with the design of Southern Utah. He’s made his own deadlines and has kept everyone of them. He has been fair with us and is reasonably priced. Jeff has over-delivered in every area as far as we’re concerned.”

Rick & Betty Provolt

Midvale, Utah

“Good design is often a collaboration of ideas between the builder, client and designer. We have found Jeff Andrews to be a patient and careful listener as the design ideas develop between us. His creativity and problem solving skills are excellent. The end result is a beautifully designed home, a very satisfied client and builder, both very proud of what started out only as an idea on paper.”

Dan & Miriam Steurer “Sunwest Development”

“In business it is very hard to provide quality, customer service, and price. Andrews Home Design Group meets all these standards, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. Promptness in getting projects done, the designs always work out, and they always provide that extra customer service if anything does go wrong during the project. I will continue to use them over and over again.”
Jeff Glines
Glines Construction Inc.

St. George UT

“It is a pleasure to render the beautiful homes designed by Jeff Andrews. He is accessible, professional, and a joy to work with. The distance in our businesses has not affected our ability to work together effectively. Jeff’s plans are accurate, easy to read, and exciting to render.

Architectural Illustrationz, Inc.

“We are building in a remote town in Colorado where we could not find anyone to do house plans. We were given Jeff’s name from a builder in Utah. At first we were concerned about not being able to meet with him personally and handling the process long distance. We are touchy, feeling kind of people where we need to meet and see the people we work with. From our first phone call with Jeff all of our concerns were gone. We explained what we wanted and like a magician he was able to put our vision on to paper. He was always very courteous, prompt, and conscientious about his work. Everything was emailed for review and approval. With today’s technology and Jeff’s talent he has proven that you don’t need to meet face to face to accomplish the end result of satisfactory and complete set of blue prints at a very reasonable price. I would recommend Jeff to anyone with no hesitation.

Kay Hansen / Cortez, Colorado